Denis Bourret has been a dedicated diver and instructor since 1988 serving as an Trainer Trainer with IANTD and an Instructor with PADI. For several years, Denis pursued the idea of opening an international dive serviceoffice to serve the needs of the diving community in the Caribbean. In 2003, Denis opened Golden Arrow Technical Dive Centre in Santo Domingo.

Denis based his choice of a sponsor training agency on three straight-forward criteria, which agency:  provided the safest diving standards, promoted education at all training levels, and was ready to establish the first international diving headquarters in this part of the world.

After assessing all candidates, IANTD came in first. Thus, Denis worked with the leaders at IANTD World Headquarter and together they created IANTD Caribe.IANTD Caribe always will try to make our website as informative and user friendly as possible. If you looking for an Instructor or Instructor Trainer to persue your diving career, you will find it in the Instructor List.  If you are looking for an affiliated dive center, look in the Facility List.

 All the courses offered by IANTD are in the Training Section sorted by catagory: Recreational, Technical, Cave, WreckRebreatherLeadership and Instructor.

Because IANTD Caribe is a IANTD Licensee holder, we can process and print student and instructor certifications with minimal turnaround time and keep books and manuals in stock.

This local service allow us to serve our Students, Instructors, and Instructor Trainers better and faster.IANTD Caribe Territory. Our affiliates cover Aruba, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

These countries provide divers a very diverse and rich range of diving opportunities, including from recreational diving, cave diving, wreck diving, technical diving,and rebreather diving.

The IANTD Caribe office is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Because of the diversity of the territory, IANTD Caribe has Instructors capable to teach in a wide variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.