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IANTD has the largest range of continuing education courses among all dive training agencies.  This unique attribute allows you to expand your knowledge and experience to whatever level fits your personal comfort and goals with IANTD’s cadre of professionals, top in their fields.

Become an IANTD Instructor

Instructor Development Course 

Turn your passion into profit! Become a Scuba Diver Instructor with IANTD!

The IANTD Instructor Development Course will train you into a Professional Scuba Diver Instructor. Take the next step and turn your passion into profit. Enjoy conveying and sharing your knowledge and experience with others. Spend more time at what you enjoy and at the same time earn an income through it.

The IDC is done over a 7-day period and cover theoretical sessions as well as water sessions to equip the candidate instructor with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviour to build the required competency level. The course also covers administration, marketing and standards and procedures to round off the program.

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Cross Over

The IANTD Instructor cross over course is aimed at bridging the gap between your current diving organization and IANTD’s; covering administration, course information and standards & procedures and is therefore done as a workshop rather than a course.

IANTD accepts that previous Instructor status was gained through quality training and assume the necessary competency (knowledge / skills & behavior) is in place.

The x-over workshop is totally interactive. Instructors will fully engage in discussions, with group and individual presentations on IANTD courses and standards & procedures.

It is a 1,5 day workshop with mostly theoretical sessions.

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